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as I am sure you have all figured out, Cafe de Wheels has driven on down the road. 4 and a half years as CDW and 5 months as Hungry has run it's course. It's been educational, thrilling, exhausting, scary, hot, cold, and of course... bleeding awesome. Take care and remember the Wheels Burger! //tom





Wheels burger - 6 oz fresh hand pattied ground beef, lettuce, tomato, wheels sauce, American cheese and, of course, carmelized balsamic onion marmalade on a toasted egg bun.
Not Meat
  Mt Healthy Veggie Burger - Our take on the vegetarian burger. red & golden beets, lentils, brown rice
zuccini, mushrooms blah blah blah. on a toasted wheat bun with spicy mayo.  Sans mayo... it's vegan.
Sun Chips
TBA plus
Bottled Water